The wallflowers 2nd encounter

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The wallflowers 2nd encounter

The mall was almost closing, but Gabriella needed to pick up a few things before her weekend began. She walked quickly through all the rushing people into one of her favorite clothing stores. Her curvacious tanned body walked through the isles of clothes, her heels clicking the ground floor as she tossed her long black hair to one side. As she fished through the blouses she could feel eyes watching her. Gabriella missed the attention, ever since that night of her 18th birthday, she went back to being her old shy self again. Except now she had much dirtier thoughts running through her head, since the mysterious black man who had fucked her a few months earlier replaced her innocence with a deep kinkyness and sexual drive that she didnt know how to convey in public. Gabriella never saw him again after that night, he politely dropped her off at home that morning and she was too much in shock to ask what could become of them. Yet she felt extra sexy that day, it was in the middle of summer and she wore a small white dress and fashionable heels to match, her look was very tempting to all the men around her, because it seemed so coy yet showed off the smooth curves of her breasts and the shape of her legs and thighs.

Gabriella looked behind her to see if she saw whoever was staring at her, but she only caught a glimpse of a few shoppers. She looked to her right and saw the back of a well shaped black man, whose muscles could be seen through the fabric of his colored shirt. Gabriella admired him from behind for a second, then blushed to herself as she was reminded of her long lost /surprise/birthday-surprise/">birthday surprise. She was lost in her thoughts when someone passed her from behind rather closely. "Meet me in the dressing room in the far back," said a familiarly husky voice. Gabriella jumped at the tone and words, goosebumps covering her body. When she came to her senses the took the nearest shirt and proceded to the dressing rooms. There was a dressing room at the right white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie end, but she could see a ladies /feet/">feet underneath the door. She looked to her left and saw a pair of mens shoes. Opening the door timidly, she was shocked to find her mystery man sitting in the dressing room. She closed the door and locked it behind her, holding her breath.

"I thought id never see you again," said Gabriella. He replied, "Me neither, but i have to admit, I cant stop thinking about you." As if drawn to him by some unknown force, Gabriella walked up to him, letting herself become enveloped into his open arms as he sat against the wall on the dressing room bench. He kissed her stomach as it was face level to him, while he placed his arms at the back of her calves and stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv ran his hands up her legs. She held his head and shoulders in her arms, feeling his warmth and movements as he continued to kiss her tummy. His hands proceded past her ass and to her hips, where he grabbed hold of her dress fabric and began to lift it up and take it off. Not wasting any time, yet doing so in a smooth and calm manner, he unhooked the clasp of her bra and let it fall forward off her breasts. Before he took them into his mouth he slid her /thong/">thong down to her ankles and watched as she stepped out of them, standing before him completely nude and wet between the thighs.
He pulled her close again and tenderly kissed each of her 34 D size breasts, playing and admiring the hard perky nipples. He kissed her bare stomach and took her right thigh into his hands, lifting her foot up to rest on the bench beside him. 

Gabriellas pussy was in easy view now in front of his face, throbbing, wet, and delicate to the touch. He could see the tip of her erect clit protruding slightly out of her pussy lips, which he then kissed and licked with the very tip of his tounge. Gabriella was trying desperately to stay standing and to keep quiet as she could hear people changing in the rooms around them. He spread her pussy with his hands and continued to lightly kiss and lick her pussy, grazing it in all the right places and applying pressure where he knew it would drive her /crazy/">crazy. "Dont ever leave me again," whispered Gabriella, and at this the man opened his mouth wide and placed as much of her pussy as he could to his mouth. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, as he licked her pussy up and down with his entire tounge, flicking it over her clit as he reached the top and sticking it into her hole as he went down. "The mall will be closing in 5 minutes," said the loudspeaker, followed by one of the store employees.

Gabriella pushed him off and dropped to her knees. She didnt know if he would leave after this encounter, and she wanted to do something to make him want to stay. She quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his /cock/cock-ass/massive-black-cock/">massive black cock, already half erect. She licked it all around, swirling her tounge at the tip of it. The man placed his trembling hands on her shoulders and head as she took his balls, or tried to take them, into her mouth while sucking on them gently. He too tried to contain the sounds of his pleasure. Gabriella then took tothe task of placing his large manhood in her mouth. She loved the taste of his dick and his pre cum already, and was eager to please him the way he pleased her so much. To her /surprise/">surprise she could get a lot of it in, and what she couldnt she caressed and massaged with her hands. 

She slurped quietly and moved her tounge in pleasurable motions as she pulled him in and out of her mouth. Three loud knocks on the door interrupted their encounter, "Excuse me were closing up in a minute are you done changing?" "Yes, ill be right out," said Gabriella innocently, surprising the man at her collectedness. Gabriella gathered up her undergarments and stuffed them into her purse, and quickly put her white summer dress on her naked body. Zipping up his jeans, her mystery lover could not stop smiling at the fact that her dark erect nipples showed through the thin white fabric, and a slight trickle of cum peeked on her thighs where her dress ended. As she walked out first she distracted the employee to let her lover exit unobserved. She then quickly trotted out of the store, her unharnessed breasts jiggling as she raced to see if her man was outside. 

He was there waiting for her, and as soon as she reached him he grabbed her hand and they walked quickly to the almost emptied parking lot. It was nighttime and it was chilly, making her nipples even more erect as they practicaly almost fell out of her lowcut dress as the went to the car. She didnt know where they were going, but she didnt care. They got to his truck and he opened the door for her, admiring the clear view of her ass as she climbed up into the passenger seat. He got in and proceded to start the car. Out of breath from excitement Gabriella asked "Wait, where are we going?", and he replied that they could go wherever she wanted. "I cant wait anymore I need you inside of me right now!" she exclaimed. Luckily his car was spacious, because Gabriella climbed onto his side of the car and sat in his lap. She kissed him as deeply and passionately as she could while unzipping his pants and scooting them as far as she could down his thighs while he sat. His cock was rock hard now, standing straight up and waiting for her pussy. 

She lifted up her dress and positioned herself righ ton top of him, and in one swift move she took all of him in. He had begun to forget how good she felt, and he knew it was a mistake to drop her off that day several months ago without making her his. She began to ride him all on her own, with him still being someone surprised at her audacity to fuck him in the middle of a parking lot. The night was dark and the parking lot was dim lit, yet the movements of the car would have been easily noticable by anyone, but they didnt care. As she rocked him back and forth he pulled down the straps of her dress, allowing her breasts to break free and bounce with her quick thrusts. Gabriella took full advantage of the fact that she could express her passion; she moan and screamed in the pleasure of having her pussy filled to its limit once again. The man caressed her smooth skin with his hands as her went to town on her breasts. He chewed them and sucked them like there was no tomorrow, moaning and biting them crazily and making them painfully sore. Gabriella began to move her hips in circular motions, grinding into him as hard as she could as he bit and sucked her neck and smacked her ass roughly. Gabriella licked her lips and held her lovers head in her hands as he kissed and sucked wherever he could. She fucked him madly until they both neared /climax/">climax. She pushed him hard against his chair and thrusted her hips as fast as she could, leaving them both unable to form words in their highest point of sexual frenzy. His load of cum shot forcefully into her pussy as it mixed with hers and oozed out from her pussy onto his balls.

After taking several minutes to catch their breath, his cock still throbbing inside of her twitching pussy, Gabriella saw how late it was. She told him that he should probably walk her to her car, and he agreed as she placed her dress straps back over her shoulders, her heart pounding in her chest and a content smile on her face as well as his. Gabriellas car wasnt too far away, she reached for her car keys and began unlocking her door, when she heard the sound of a zipper unzipping. She started to open the door as she looked behind her and saw the man with his dick practically rock hard again and hanging out of his pants. "You got to fuck me, i think i should leave you with a little goodbye present," he said with a smirk on his face. And with that he lifted her dress and picked her up into his arms, pushing her against the car with him, slamming her door as they pressed against it. He inserted his cock into her pussy again as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck and her lips were right up into his ears moaning for him to please fuck her. 

The man wasted no time as he started to thrust very hard and forcefully. Each time he caused her ass to hit against her car, making a rhythmic pounding noise and practically denting her car by the end of it. His dick impaled her pussy and he barely thrust it out, he pretty much kept driving it in harder and harder until Gabriella was screaming into his shoulder. They came again, this time even more violently. When he set her down onto her feet, she tiredly stumbled around to get into her car. Practically drunk with endorphins, she asked with a voice filled with pleasure "What a goodbye present." He replied: "Well, more of a see you tomorrow present." She inserted the key and started the ignition, and before he closed her door she asked "So hey, whats your name?". And after they laughed for a few seconds he replied: "Tyrell."