Tashas Proposal

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Tashas Proposal

"Hey Steve, I will have you an arm wrestle." Jason challeneged. It was a slow night tonight at the pizza joint where they worked and Jason was feeling restless. He was working out last night and was still feeling a little bit sore. But he thought that it would be interesting to wrestle Steve anyways.

"Okay, let's go." Steve said. They both then walked to the back desk and knelt down. Richard who was wiping pans followed them to the desk. He wanted to take a break and get some entertainment in. 

Jason and Steve locked hands and began to wrestle. But they seemed to be equally strong. They both started grunting as they tried to pull the other person's arm down.

Then the girls who were working there started gathering around to watch the entertainment. It was more interesting than work at the moment. 

Jason and Steve old waman xxxgx were still tied when Jason's arm started to give out and Steve started to pull it down. Jason was afraid that he was going to lose.

"Hey, Jason," Tasha said, "If you can beat Steve, I will let you do whatever you want to me." Tasha was a /sexy/sexy-girl/">sexy girl. She stood at about five foot six with light brown hair, green eyes, a nice smile, and a sexy figure. Jason had been trying to hook up with her for a while. Now, he had a chance to impress her if only he could beat Steve.

But Steve's arm was very heavy on Jason's. Jason's arm was almost flat on the desk. From all observations, Jason was about to lose. 

"Looks like you won't be having any fun with Tasha." Steve taunted.

But Steve's taunt unlocked an unstoppable force in Jason. It was the force of determination. It was the determination to feel every inch of Tasha's sexy body. It surged through him like a jolt of electricity. Jason's arm became lighter and lighter. And then the next thing that happened was amazing. In one swift movement, Jason pushed Steve's arm up and pulled it flat down to the table. Jason had one.

"Oooooooh!!!" Tasha said. "I wasn't expecting that to happen."

"Nice!" Richard exclaimed.

"I won! Yes! I'm getting lucky tonight!" Jason beamed. "When can we do it?"

"After work at your house." Tasha replied.

The rest of the night went by slowly for Jason. He was so excited and aroused by the fact that Tasha was going to let him feel her sexy body all over. He had difficulty working because his package was a stiff spike. 

But finally, his and Tasha's shift came to an end. Jason was very eager to get Tasha back to his place.

"I am so looking forward to tonight!" Jason Exclaimed. 

"So am I." Tasha replied. "Let's get back to your place."

Jason placed his arm around Tasha and started to walk her back to his place. They talked about what might happen when they got back to Jason's place. Jason lead Tasha down the street, across the intersection, through the residential park, and into a house which was across the street. Jason unlocked the door and they both stepped in.

"Let's go to my bedroom after we get our things off!" Jason suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Tasha responded. They quickly took their shoes and coats off then Jason lead Tasha down the hall and into his room. Surprisingly for a guy, Jason's room was pretty clean. His bed blanket was wrinkled but it was semi-neatly covering his bed. On his walls, he had many posters of bands that he liked. He had a stereo in one corner and a T.V. with a DVD player in the other. It looked like a typical guy's room.

Jason shut the door behind them and led Tasha over to his bed. He then turned her so that she was facing him and then placed his hands on her cheeks and neck in a tender embrace. "Thank you for letting me do this Tasha." He said.

"Hey, you beat Steve!" Tasha reminded him.

"I am very lucky that I did!" Jason replied. He kissed her on the lips once as he stroked her hair. Then he started kissing her on her cheek and neck as he slipped his arms underneath hers to caress her back. Tasha smiled as Jason kissed her.

After a while, Jason stopped kissing Tasha momentarly to whisper in her ears "Could you raise your arms for me?"

Tasha raised her arms and Jason started to pull off her shirt. Jason pulled Tasha's shirt over her /gorgeous/">gorgeous breasts, head, then off her arms. Jason dropped Tasha's shirt onto his bed and then cupped Tasha's breasts which were in a red bra. 

"Oh Tasha girl!" Jason exclaimed, "Your breasts feel so soft and sexy!" I want to feel them forever!"

"I knew you would like them baby!" Tasha replied. "Feel them up some more!"

Jason ran his hands around and over Tasha's breasts and stuck his fingers into Tasha's cleavage. Tasha moaned while Jason was doing it. Jason hadn't felt sexy breasts for a long time. Then Jason ran his hands slowly down Tasha's trunk and onto her hips. He stuck his fingers beneath Tasha's jeans and ran his fingers towards Tasha's zipper and button. When he got there, he unbuttoned and unzipped Tasha's pants. Then he pulled them down and Tasha stepped out of them. Jason then ran his hands up Tasha's muscular legs and thighs. He ran his hands over her behind and up her back.

"Tasha, could I get you to lie on the bed for me?" Jason asked.

"Sure thing!" Tasha replied. She sat down on the bed and lied down for him.

Then Jason slipped his hand under Tasha's behind while he touched her lock (In between her legs) with his other hand. Tasha moaned as Jason's muscular hand squeezed her behind and his other hand stroked her lock. After a while, Jason ran both his hands slowly down Tasha's thigh down her sexy muscular calves over her sexy ankles and down to her round /feet/sexy-feet/">sexy feet. The beauty of Tasha's /feet/">feet shined through the black socks that she was wearing. And her foot felt so sexy. Jason caressed it for a while, running his hands over Tasha's toes, sole, and heel while caressing the top of her foot. Then Jason slowly started to take of Tasha's sock. He pulled Tasha's sock over her ankle then kissed it. Then he slowly pulled it all the way off while he kissed her foot in the process. 

Tasha had round sexy toes. Her toenails were covered in red polish. Jason continued to kiss and suck on her toes. Tasha moaned in approval. He sucked on her big toe first savouring the flavour. Her toe tasted slightly like vinegar. Then he sucked on her other toes savouring the vinegar flavour of them too. Then he licked her sole which tasted slightly stronger. But when he got to her heel, it tasted the strongest. Tasha moaned and giggled while Jason licked her heel.

"That tickles!" She said as she giggled.

"Let me do bokep sma pecah perawan your other foot." Jason said as he grabbed Tasha's other foot. He proceded to take off her sock and thoroughly worship her other foot. It tasted similar to the first. After worshipping her feet, Jason went back up and felt up Tasha some more. Tasha moaned as Jason ran his hands all over her. She was enjoying herself immensly.

Then Jason pulled out his package. "Could you rub my package with your feet Tash?" He asked.

"Sure Jason!" She replied. Jason got into position and Tasha started to rub Jason's package with her sexy feet. She stuck Jason's joystick in between her toes and moved her foot back and forth in a stroking manner while she stroked his balls with her other foot. Jason moaned in approval. Cum started to form at the tip of Jason's joystick in small quantities. 

"That feels so good!" Jason exclaimed

"Just wait a minute!" Tasha responded. She continued to rub and stroke Jason's package with her feet.

Jason moaned louder and louder. He was almost about to /climax/">climax.

"Almost there!" He blurted.

"Yeah! I can feel it about to explode!" Tasha exclaimed.

After a few more strokes of Tasha's sexy feet, Jason blew his load all over Tasha's feet. The release was very satisfying as cum oozed all over. Jason was satisfied.

"Ooooooh! Thanks so much Tasha girl!" He said. Then he came up and lied beside her on the bed.

"Yes! It was great!" Tasha exclaimed. "Want to make out in the shower now?"

"Sure!" Jason replied.