A two bagger

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A two bagger

I have been a biker for all of my adult life. As some of you know bikers are hard drinking, hard lovers, hard fighters and will fuck anything. This fuck anything at times has a fine line.

I had been out all day rideing and drinking and doing other biker stuff. I stopped at a watering hole to get some refrieds, taco`s, burrito`s and of course beer to wash it down.

As I set minding alain lyle porn my own business I looked up when I heard the door open to see if I might know who was coming in. This large woman came in and was talking to the guys setting along the bar. As I was at the far end it would take her some time to get to me. As I looked down the bar I seen the guys shakeing their heads in a no motion. I ate quickly. The closer she got the uglier she became. This woman had been groomed with the /ugly/">ugly stick.

She got close to me and set down on the stool next to me. As she set down the stool disappeared. That stool was covered in ass. She looked at me, I looked at her. Finally she says, "you a biker"? I reply yup. She says, "I`ve heard bikers are hard drinkers, hard fuckers, and will fuck anything". Again I reply yup! She says, "good I need fucked". None of those pussy at the bar are man enough to do the job". She looks me indian santali xvideo in the eye and asks, "are you man enough"?

I think to myself, man that /bitch/">bitch is /fat/">fat, and ugly. I do not answer. Take another long drink of my beer. She then informes me she has money for the right guy to fuck her.

Money to fuck a bitch is going to be hard to turn down. I could always use some extra $$$ and pussy. I think to myself, how can I do this so no one see`s me with her or on my bike.

She looks around and tells me I`ve got my own bag to put over my head so no one will recognize us. Things are beginging to look up. It is good she knows she needs a bag. I ask her, what about me ? She tells me I got two of them. One for you one for me. I tell her that will work.

She agrees to meet me in the alley behind the bar and she will have her bag on. She leaves the bar and shortly I leave too. I fire up the bike and ride around the block the long way to meet her. As I approach her I shut off the lights and try to keep the bike quite as possible. She steps from the shadows with her bag on and then hands me mine. I put my bag on and then she hands me a second bag. Whats this for I ask her. That in case yours tears or blows off no one will recognize you with me.

We head out of town towards the river. I ride down a short dirt path that leads under the bridge. She removes all her clothes and spreads them on the ground for us to lay on and fuck.

As I lay there with my bag still on she removes hers and starts to give me the blow job of my life. Man oh man, this fat ugly bitch can sure suck a dick. She sucks for a while and then starts to lick my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole, a rim job. Damn this is great.

She stops and puts her bag back on and lays down and ask me to fuck her. I mention there`s a matter of $$$ and she reaches in her clothing and hands me a wad of paper $$$. I get in that pussy and begin to do what a man /whore/">whore was paid to do.

I mention to her how good and tight her pussy is. She tells me it`s tight cause no one will fuck her. I fuck away. She cums, I cum, we cum, then we get serious and fuck till we cum some more.

After a long fuck session we lay back, rest, relax, smoke a joint. She then informes me its time I traveled up her shit chute. She turns around and raises the /ass/big-ass/">big ass in the air for me to fuck. Remember now I`m a rough tough biker that will fight or fuck anything. This /fat/fat-ass/big-fat-ass/">big fat ass it scarey. I get up close to that monsterous ass and get positioned to enter it. I had a hold of my dick and was about 12 inches from making contact when she farts. The sound was deafening. I still have hearing problems from that fart. The fart blows me backwards and I loose my balance and fall over. The smell, I can not think of words to express how /bad/">bad it was. I recover and man up and do the dirty deed. At times I was not sure if I could hold up to finish the job. As I butt fuck her I think how good and tight that /pussy/fat-pussy/">fat pussy is and I complete the task. I am a tough motherfucker I am !!!

I remount the pussy and begin to think this is /best/pussy-best/the-best-pussy/">the best pussy I have ever had. We make arrangements to meet next weekend at the same place same time with new bags.

I fuck this two bagger for a long time. Eventually the rumors got around town about an unknow biker with an unknown woman wearing bags on their heads rideing around town. I become rich for a biker with my /money/fuck-money/">fuck money I earn. As time goes I have had several dangerously close call when /butts/butt-fucking/">butt fucking her. Some guys will do anything for money and I guess I am one of them.

So just remember guys, no matter how ugly she is a bag can cure it.