Wendys afternoon toy

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Wendys afternoon toy

Calling my wife a bitch this morning was probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But she wouldn’t shut up, just kept bitching about me coming home at six in the morning. So when she locked herself in the bedroom I quit trying to apologize and decided to go do some yard work. I’d been outside for about twenty minutes when I hear the screen door slam. Looking up I see her sitting on the porch watching me, so on the next pass I stop in front of her and let the lawnmower die. I try to make small talk, kidding around with her and even apologizing again. She gives me a dirty look and flips me off.

Then she calls me a fucking bastard and that she should kick my worthless ass out of the house. Well that’s it, the bitch can fuck herself, I’m not going to kiss her ass all day. I was /hung/">hung over, it just slipped out, I didn’t mean it, honest, but she’s pissed, I’ll just have to give her time to get over it. I finish the lawn milf porn videos and I’m putting the mower in the shed when I hear her behind me. When I start to turn around, she puts her hand on my shoulder and tells me not to move. When I ask her what’s up, she tells me to be quite. As she reaches around me to undo the button my pants she says, you’ll find out soon enough you prick. As she slowly pulls down my zipper she whispers in my ear, your about to find out how big of a bitch I am. By now, I figure she’s not mad anymore. As my pants drop to the floor, she nibbles on my neck and tells me someone’s about to get lucky.

The end result of her stroking my dick as she’s kissing my neck, is me with a raging hard on. She turns me around and puts her hands on my shoulders. Pushing me to my knees she say’s, I’m a bitch am I, well this bitch is tired of your crap, you worthless fuck. You come home whenever you want, you stink of booze and those cheep bar sluts, then you expect me to suck your cock or spread my legs. Well no more, I’ll show you how much of a bitch I can be. Things are going to be different from now on. You can either accept it or get the fuck out. Now undue my pants. Fuck, I’m in shock, what the hell happened to my /sweet/">sweet wife. When I don’t move she lightly slaps my cheek. THAT WAS A ORDER you little man /whore/">whore, from now on when I tell you something, you do it, instantly, do you understand me. I’m in Shock, did my sweet little wife really just do and say that. I just kneel there, looking at her with what I’m sure was a stupid look on my face. Another slap, this time a lot harder, my pants, NOW. Damn, I so turned on, I can’t wait to see what happens next. As I start to undo her pants I feel something, this isn’t right, there’s a lump and as I unzip her zipper I can feel something.

When I ask her what’s going on, she puts her finger on my lips and tells me to be quite. There will be no talking unless your answering a question from me, now pull my pants down. What the hell, sometimes she can get kinda kinky. I want to find out what she has planned for me. She has a long tee shirt on, and as I pull her pants down I can’t see anything. As she steps out of her pants she reaches behind her back. When I hear that tell tale buzz, it brings a smile to my face, I remember the butterfly I just bought her. That’s it, that must be what’s in her panties. Looking down at me with a wicked look on her face she says, don’t smile yet you little bitch. You need to wait until you find out what your getting first. Her strained voice makes me look blowjob porn videos up at her face, her eyes are half closed and I can see she’s getting close to orgasm. As I watch, her eyes close and her legs are start to shake.

Thru clenched teeth she tells me to pull her panties down. As she feels my fingers on the band of her panties, she grabs my hair and lets out a long low moan. I watch a wet spot grow as her juices start running down her legs, there’s no doubt, she’s just cum. Damn, by now I’m horny as hell. I can’t wait to bury my face in her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. My cock feels like its ready to explode. When I reach under her tee shirt to pull her panties down, she tells me to hold on as she pulls off the tee. She’s wearing my favorite panties, the lacy see thru white ones, but its the outline of the nine inch cock that catches my eyes, I’m shocked, it’s sure as hell not what I was expecting. I try pulling back, but her hands grasping my hair stop me. So I just kneel there, looking at my wife, with a cock. I suddenly realize, I’m wondering if I can suck it all, then, to my shock, I realize my cock is so hard it hurts.

She starts to come back to her senses after her orgasm. Her eyes open and she looks down at me. Well baby, how do you like /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock, I think its bigger than yours. Don’t you want to feel me push it in as you suck it, don’t you want to please me. Come on, you little whore, suck my /cock/big-cock/">big cock, make it nice and wet so I can fuck your ass. But first, make me cum again, I’m sooooo fucking hot. Come on baby, I need you to make me cum one more time, come on, take the edge off, right before I fuck you in your ass. I know you want it. Do it, I want to be able to take my time and really fuck you good, but first I need to cum, come on bitch, MAKE ME CUM NOW. As she rubs her cock on my lips I open my willing mouth, she pushes it and I come to my senses. I never new she was so strong, I try to pull back but she’s holding my hair. I couldn’t move if I wanted to, and I don’t want to.

Watching her cock go in and out of my mouth is turning me on. So much so, I grab her ass and pull her to me, helping her as she fucks my mouth. Looking up at her face I’m just in time to see face as she has a /orgasm/huge-orgasm/">huge orgasm. She explodes, her pussy juices are running down my chin and chest. I’m shocked, but fuck, I’m also horny as hell, which I sure don’t understand. Pulling up on my arms, she tells me to get up and turn around. Eagerly I do as I’m told. When I feel her hands on my shoulders as she pushes me over the bench, I start to get it. When she gets behind me and I feel her cock poke me in the ass I say, no fucking way. But I don’t move. Looks like you’re the bitch now, to prove it, I’m going to fuck you in the ass outside in a shed. And you know what there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. I’m in shock that my nice sweet wife is acting like this, but most of all, I’m shocked that I’m going along with it. I don’t know where she had it, but she lubes her cock, then pushing a finger in my /asshole/">asshole she works some lube in. She guides the tip of her cock into my asshole, O my god, it hurts like hell. Begging her to stop just gets a laugh.

She holds my hips and pushes it in, HARD. I can’t move, my thighs are against the bench and her hips are against my ass. Leaning over my back she grabs my shoulders, as she gives another hard thrust she asks, you like that baby. Damn, now that its in, it feels good. I can’t believe it, I like it, and I can tell by her voice, she’s so turned on she’s almost ready to cum again. In a low strained voice she says, ok you man whore, get ready for it, I’m going give you the fucking you need. She slowly pulls her cock out. I can feel every fantastic inch and when all that’s left is the head she pauses saying, I’ll give you a minute to get used to it. After a minuet or so, she asks me how it feels. I tell her to shut up and fuck me. She’s real clumsy at first, but it doesn’t take long before she gets the hang of it and she gets a steady rhythm going. Fuck, she really is giving me a good fucking, really pounding it in my ass, just like she said she would. I can’t believe it, not only am I getting off on this, but she’s cuming again, this is her third orgasm. Every time she cums, she goes faster and faster, really pounding her cock in my ass until she cums. This time she has her foot on the shelve, trying to get as much leverage and push as deep as she can. She’s really slamming her cock into my ass now, she’s bouncing me off the shelve, and each time she pushes the cock in as far as she can. Her grunting tells me she getting close, and that’s turning me on.

Putting both feet on the floor she stops for a moment telling me to get ready. She puts her hands on my hips and holds me tight, then she pulls me towards her, thrusting her cock in hard. This is it, she’s really pounding her cock into my ass, I can’t hold on any longer and I let go. Yelling that I’m cuming sets her off. Now she’s really going /crazy/">crazy, fucking me as hard and fast as she can, her hips slapping my /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard. Putting her fingers in my mouth I can taste her juices, hot and sticky. I’ve cum, but she not finished yet, she’s in another world as she fucks me hard and fast. When the cock in my ass suddenly starts vibrating it starts me on a second orgasm .

Leaning over my back and without missing a stroke, she whispers in my ear, this time baby, we cum together. Feeling her tits on my back is all it takes and I tell her its no use, I can’t wait, I’m cuming. She screams out, me too. She keeps slamming her cock in my ass, pounding as hard and fast as she can. We both cum together, my cum hits the wall, hers floods down the back of my legs. She lays on my back and after a moment asks me how I liked being the bitch, but before I can answer she tells me to shut up. I told you, things are going to be different from now on. Slapping my ass she tells me to pull my pants up and leaves. I’m beginning to get the feeling she means it, I think I like it