That erotic night i had with dad

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
That erotic night i had with dad

100% fiction!

It was 10 in the night , my /dad/">dad and i were staying at some b&b and it must have been the most extraordinary nights of all my life.

I was upstairs in my room watching porn while dad was downstairs "watching TV and doing his work". I was horny as fuck that night and I think I watched 7 videos on sexoficator.com before jerking off 4 times. I came so much watching porn my balls started to hurt and due to my inquisitiveness I ate/swallowed my cum (it was very slimy and salty). I took a break from watching porn and began playing games on my ipad for about 45minutes until i was about to go to sleep. At 10 to 10 at I heard this orgasming girl.

"oh yeah! U wanna fuck me there!... Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah!"

Alarmed yet turned on by this i got up and stood at the top of the staircase began to stroke free porn movies download my /cock/small-cock/">small cock. I heard more and it was louder this time but it was a different girl, I could tell.

"you gonna cum for me daddy?! Oh fuck yeah baby! /fucking/good-fuck/fuck-me-good/">fuck me good and hard!"
I peeped downstairs, and there i saw daddy stroking his cock. Unfortunately by the sight of this i came so of my cum splashed just in front of his laptop. He looked up and saw me stroking.

"come here "he said stroking firmly
I walked down, no pants just a shirt

"play with daddy's /balls/big-balls/">big balls while he cum"
"but what about mum"

"/bitch/fucking-bitch/fuck-that-bitch/">fuck that bitch I've cheated on her so many times."
I grabbed his nuts in my hand and played with them, juggled them around and then gave it a good lick.
"that's my boy"

The girl in the porn video was just about to squirt. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum! She screamed and eventually did.
"you gonna cum for me daddy ?!" I asked as horny as I was.

Dad came and I put my mouth over his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock full hd xvideo download and swallowed the juices

He cleaned me up and he tucked me in bed but before he could leave I asked if he could sleep with me. So he cuddled up to me, naked both of us were and slept together.